2005-06 Summer Photos - Wing B2 Science Lab

rack it up
In the first month of summer, some shelving goes up around the walls.
back of science?
A bit later, the desks and tables start to get arranged in what would become the IceCube cube (JM).
Another view of the rearranging...actually what is happening here is the network drops are being wired. Literally.
look down
A view of the IceCube corner and the met office as seen from the mezzanine (JM).
log on

And on 22 December 2005, here's the place in use (PR).
playing with strings
Here's a closeup view of the IceCube area (PR).
and in this corner...
Here's the opposite corner of the room, still empty at the beginning of November. Watch this space...
rack it up
A few days later, some empty racks.
get wired
And a few days later, things are getting wired up.
where am I

And in the next bay by the window is going the GPS equipment, also being moved from Skylab.
beam me in
One of the newly mounted GPS antennas on the roof.
And here's carpenter Jason Hunter assembling a box for the Mende all-sky camera (PR).
something is hatching
Here's a closeup aerial view of the roof hatches from the end of the summer (FB).
A few of the above photos are by Jerry Marty (JM), Forest Banks (FB), and Peter Rejcek (PR). Peter's shots are from the USAP photo library.

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