2005 Winter Photos - B3 SOC

...station operations center, or comms, or whatever (that is all)...
room with a view
Let's start with a look at some of the mechanical stuff above
the ceiling--this is what the place looked like when I showed up
(along with 2005 w/o engineer Mike Ray, who designed and
installed most of the comms hardware that goes in this place).
Next, a look at some of the mechanical stuff above the ceiling--this is the final air conditioner installation (well, the equipment generates a bit of heat in here).
this is a stick up
Above that cooler...these antennas got installed on the roof before dark...along with the red beacon.
bouncing off the walls
Next we get some fin tube heaters on the walls, and the wall covering.
light is on
Next, the ceiling and light fixtures.
The main equipment racks were initially set so the floor penetrations could be located...
video time
The HEAVY main monitor gets hung in the corner.
keep the carpet clean
The racks were removed for carpet installation, now they are back and being wired up...
...so the equipment can be installed.
power up
Eventually Mike starts turning things on and getting things running...
...including that fancy clock (by 2008 the digits had started to fade...it has since been replaced).

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