2005 Winter Photos - B3 upstairs

executive row
The office hall outside the SOC, here the offices are getting doors and carpet.
desk space

And the offices are getting furniture.
hard wall

Corridor ceiling, wall panels and lights get installed.
soft shoe
Followed by the flooring and base.
video conference room
The main videoconference room at the west end of the station--here getting the floor prepped.
Next, the ceiling grid.
ceiling lights
soft floor
and carpet, so the fancy table can be installed during the summer.
more room
Across the hall, the other conference room gets lights...

...another one of those heavy monitors...
...and a "wired" conference table. Some assembly required!
pop up
Fancy popup computer outlets!

Meanwhile, the main hallway gets its color tiles.
inner sanctum
The main entrance to the SOC and offices.
grid east
Some ceiling goes up.
grid west
Looking toward the balcony exit.

Let there be light! And that curved corner...
last thing
...and the finished floor.

Head downstairs...

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