2005 Winter Photos - Wing B2 Science Lab

Johnny G's home away from home
At the beginning of the winter the partitions were set up for the met office, which would shortly move here from the dome science building..
corner office with a window

But first...the partitions were pushed back so the fin tube heaters could be replaced.
rolling drawers
A few days later, the old fin tubes were boxed up. And here's some of the assembled science furniture.
cutting holes in the roof
Meanwhile, the roof hatches for science experiments were being installed.
plug it
One of the completed plugs installed, waiting for interior finish.
let the sun shine in
A view of the roof hatches from, well, the roof.
power for science
Last but not least, some roof receptacles. ARO is in the background in this mid-March photo.
putting it all together
Back downstairs, here's all the desks and other lab furniture ready to be assembled.
work stations
Jump to the end of winter, here's all the assembled furniture.
Hi Al
The area which would shortly become office space for Al Baker and the CUSP tech, in the process of getting cleaned out.
ride on
The mezzanine, all cleaned out. During the winter one of the exercise bikes had been temporarily moved up here from the old dome galley, and I spent a good many hours on it.
rack it up
On the first level below the science lab was this room designated "science storage," which got these shelves installed at the end of winter. Later used for food and drinks instead.

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