2004-05 Photos--Inside A3

In early November it was too cold to do much equipment work
outside, so let's look around inside a bit and see how things turned out...
hard truths?
starting with Medical. Here's a peek through the door...
sign of the times
...and here IS the door, marked with its distinctive sign.
[The familiar Club Med sign was given a bit of fame during the 1999 medical events involving Jerri Nielsen. It was originally created for the old Biomed by the 1984 w/o doctor Mike Beller, along with USGS observer Gary Foltz, as documented by their mark on the back of the sign.]
no sludge here
Inside, the exam room (with a barber, er, dental chair in the background)...
break a leg
...and the main ward. These beds have one of the better views on station.
bright lights
Downstairs in A3, here is the new food growth chamber (greenhouse) as seen through the windows from the hallway. In the foreground is the front room where one can go sit, enjoy the humid warmth, and commune with whatever might be growing. The rear room is the production growth area.
glass ceiling not
The glass doors into the main part of the chamber.
the bright stuff
The front room, with benches, plants to touch and feel, soft music perhaps...
pleasant under glass
Another view of the main growth chamber.
can't see the forest
Bright lights, lush growth, good stuff to eat!
behind the curtain
...and of course, a back room with all of the nutrient tanks, pumps, controllers, etc., to keep things blooming.
Photos #1, #3, #4 and #6 by Brien Barnett (USAP photo library); #5 and #7-#9 by Scott Smith; #2 and #10 are mine.

More early season construction...

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