2004-05 Photos--Early Season

drifty already
Photo by Brien Barnett, 8 November 2004, from the USAP photo library. Note
the upwind drift--it had been too cold to allow for serious landscaping to begin.
soffit panels
Early December, under A4 looking towards B1. Looks like some A4 soffit panels about to be lifted into place...
clear this construction stuff out, the beakers are coming
Inside the B2 science lab on 6 December, coordinator Doug "Dog" Forsythe looks over the drawings. This space was formally occupied at the end of January.
A couple early and mid November scenes...

cutting up?
Inside B3, Robert Kummelehne saws up some high impact wall panels.
wall bangers?

Carpenter Todd Nemnich deals with some of that wall covering in one of the B2/B3 hallways.
Small photos #1 and #2 by Emily Stone, and #3 and #4 by Brien Barnett, from the USAP photo library.

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