2004-05 Photos - A4

up we go
Starting the floor and the first columns (Brian Pechan).
room floor
The first floor decking...the glycol heating penetrations have already been installed.
bottoms up
More floor and steel.
little boxes
Second floor trusses...it looks like a lot of sheetrock was prepositioned inside but much much more was carried in during the winter (Brian Pechan).
truss framing
Another view of the second floor trusses (Brian Pechan).
Beginning the A4 siding
Here's the beginnings of the A4 siding (Albrecht Karle).
lots o rock
Starting the roof framing (Brian Pechan).
Wall panels and second floor decking.
upper floor
Second floor decking completed.
lots o foam
Starting the roof.
More roof panels.
south face
And the south wall of A4.
do not slam
With doors!

Photos by Patrick Collins unless noted...

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