2004-05 Photos - B4

truss me
Floor trusses are installed, and soffit panels are going up.
bottoms up
The B4 soffit panels completed.
A view from another angle, 28 December (Brian Pechan).
Curved beam at the south end of the exercise room mezzanine.
sport court
The gym floor decking.
hold up
The east side showing the columns and lower wall.
bottoms up
Initial erection of the B4 stairway.
down court
Looking south from the first floor....
high level
and the mezzanine.
steel go go
16 January...almost ready for the last steel (Dan Simon).
Carlton, can we go home now?
Yes folks...19 January 2005. The last steel for the elevated station is installed! This is wing B4 which will house the gym and other recreation areas. Behind it to the left of the crane boom is the berthing portion of wing B1, which will be occupied this winter. And just to the right of the crane boom is A4 which was enclosed earlier this summer.
the ball room

Another look...these 2 photos are by Carlton Walker from the USAP photo library.
top down
Here goes the roof...
top up
and there it is. All the shelves and supplies have already been placed inside.
Photos by Patrick Collins unless noted...thanks!

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