2003-04 Construction Photos--B1

This wing on the south side of B2 would house the "emergency camp" area--emergency generators, galley
and communications...otherwise to be used for summer berthing, game and TV lounges, and a ham shack.
hanging iron on B1
The south end of the first floor main framing is being installed. A1 and the top of the power plant arch are in the background Photo by Kris Kuenning from the USAP photo library (link to original).
B1 iron work in progress
A closer view of an ironworker working on that southeast corner joint. Photo by Kris Kuenning from the USAP photo library (link to original).
deck for pod B1
In early December, here is the first floor framing of B1 as seen from the back side of A2
the future emergency power plant
This view from the back side of B2 shows the pile cap and floor truss details. This area will house the emergency power plant. The end of wing A1 is visible in the background.
B1 construction with a Herc on deck
About 28 December 2003, this view taken from A3 shows a Herc on deck in the background (the solar-heated pax terminal is the small structure just below the right props).
B1 steel erection
Another view from another angle around the same time.
setting the emergency generators
The second of the two emergency generators being set in place in the emergency power plant (EPP) in early January.
setting the emergency generators
The two 3406C-320 generators in place. About this time it was discovered that the subfloor framing needed beefing up a bit.
Jerry Marty (right) inspecting the power plant site
Closeup view of the first floor of B1...Jerry Marty is the man in the red parka.
installing SIP panels on B1
And in mid-January the siding goes on.
The back of B1 awaiting the roof panels
16 January, here is the back end of B1 with the siding on. Note the wheeled manlift, another innovative piece of equipment for Pole construction.
installing the last chamfer panel on B1
20 January 2004, topping out wing B1 with the last chamfer panel.
(Photos #1 & #2 by Kris Kuenning (NSF), from the USAP photo library as indicated; #3 & #4 from the common drive; #5 from Glen Kinoshita; the rest from Jerry Marty.)

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