2001-02 Photos - A3 and B2 Erection (continued)

installing soffit panels and columns
Then it was time to start installing the soffit panels and steel columns (CW).
installing soffit panels
Note how the soffit panels are being rigged (JM).
the new station a few days before Christmas
Here's what the new construction looked like a few days before Christmas. Some of the A3 second floor trusses have been installed, as have the B2 first floor trusses (AM).
soffit panels and trusses
Here's another view. Also partly visible at right, the truss base frame for the walkway between A and B pods is being installed (JM).
hanging the connecting link
From the downwind side, another view of the connecting link being installed (JM).
more steel erected, more soffit installed
More steel...more soffit (JM).
a view from the downwind side
The view from the downwind side (JM).
more soffit panels on the upwind side
The A3 front side panels and second floor soffit panels (JM).
A3 and the connecting link

Next, some siding panels. Here's a mid-January look from the downwind side at A3 and that connecting link (MS).
a view from near the skiway
Here's a distant view from near the skiway (JM).
siding and steel erection continues
Siding and steel erection continues (CW). (This photo was distorted, I think I've got the proportions close to being correct.)
the last steel is erected, siding is almost done
The last iron is hung...siding is almost complete (CW).
aerial view of the station on 5 February 2002
Here's an aerial photo from 5 February showing the roof over the B3 science lab is still incomplete (Melanie Conner, USAP Antarctic Photo Library).
installing the last chamfer pieces
And here goes the last roof piece. The chamfers are still to go, they are visible on the roof in the aerial photo at left (CW).

The buildings were closed in only a week or 10 days before station closing "...it was down to the wire," said Carlton Walker, the Raytheon construction manager for the station. The station officially closed on 15 February, although six additional cargo flights arrived through the next day.

the completed front of the station at the beginning of February
The front of the station at the beginning of February (AM).
the downwind side of the station at the end of the season
The back side of the station at the same time (AB/JM).

The photos on this page, unless specifically noted otherwise, are from Carlton Walker (CW), Jerry Marty (JM), Andy Martinez (AM), Art Brown (AB), and Mark Sabbatini (MS). And there has been some help with these from Steven McLachlan.

Oh yes, there was also a bunch of work going on inside wings A1, A2 and the beer can...

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