The NEW South Pole Station 2001-02

New South Pole 2001-02[these earlier pages are a bit dusty, I'm still working on more and better ones :) ]

This aerial view (left) of the entire station complex (new and old) was one of several photos taken on 31 October 2002 by MSgt David McCarthy from the USAP photo library, it shows the completion status of the station at the end of the 2001-02 summer.

no fancy stuffThe view (right) of the front of the new station was taken about 2 February shows all of the 2001-02 season's construction (to the right) almost enclosed.

done gone

At left is a view of the back side of the structure. The new power plant is humming away at the right as you can see. These NSF photos are courtesy Jerry Marty and Art Brown.

from the topAt right is a view from above, taken about the same time. (enlarged view with caption/credits) The buildings were closed in only a week or 10 days before station closing " was down to the wire," said Carlton Walker, the Raytheon construction manager for the station.

Here are some earlier views of the steel erection in December 2001.

Steven McLachlan has many more excellent photos on this page!

Here is a view of the old and new stations which also used to be seen on the Pole web site home page.

This is the new station as it appeared at the end of the 2000-01 construction season.

There are many other construction photos on this site (and many more I may get around to adding someday)...for the general background and schedule, check out my construction page. More current photos appear starting here on the history pages. Lots of technical details were in the December 2000 Civil Engineering magazine feature, which unfortunately is no longer online. But I did archive the original paper on the station foundation design. The paper was presented by Dennis Berry and Forrest Braun (BBFM Engineers, Anchorage) at the ASCE cold regions conference on the new station in 1999.

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