2001-02 Photos - A3 and B2 Erection

beginning of construction in November
Early November, preparing to start work on A3. We're looking at the blank wall at the end of A2
where the next pod will be added.
timber foundations
Starting on the timber foundations.
placing a timber footing
Here's a closeup view of one of the smaller timber footings being positioned. These are typically closely spaced 4x6's between two sheets of 3/4" plywood (Melanie Conner, USAP Antarctic Photo Library).
the steel grade beams
Next...placing the structural steel grade beams (Melanie Conner, USAP Antarctic Photo Library). Here is another photo, along with more technical information than you ever wanted to know about these foundations.
setting footings
Jason Neely, Tom Piwowarski, and Jason Hunter placing one of the grade beams (Melanie Conner, USAP Antarctic Photo Library).
erecting the first columns for A3
On 17 November, the first columns for A3 were erected.
getting ready to hang the first truss
By about 5 December, all of the columns for A3 and B2 had been erected, and it was time to hang the first truss.
getting ready for the lift
Getting ready...
lifting the truss
...and there it goes.
another view of the lift
Here's the view from another angle.
a close look at the lift
Another close look...
a closer look
...and another.
more bigger trusses
Next...more and larger trusses.
the view from the roof
Here's the view from the roof.
assembling the trusses
Putting the pieces together.
looking toward the elevated dorm
Here goes the last saddle truss, at the skiway end of B2. All of these
were installed by mid-December (photo from Carlton Walker).

Hey, we're just getting started...lots more to go yet before the end of the summer!

All photos on this page are from Jerry Marty unless otherwise noted.

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