2001 Winter Photos - Elevated Station

There wasn't a lot of visible work in the new station during much of the winter...what was worked on was some of the non-photogenic stuff such as utilities in the subfloor. First...some "before" photos:
inside A1 looking toward the galley
We're in A1 looking toward the galley at the beginning of the winter (SH).
in the galley looking toward A1
Looking the other way from the future galley area toward A1 (SH).
the corner of the dining area
Looking at the corner of the dining area (DH)...
A1 at the end of summer
...and at A1 (DH).
A1 at midwinter
A1 in winter
Above, two more views of the second level of A1 in June (JM).

A1 in winter
Another midwinter look at the second floor of A1 as more work was about to begin (JM).

installing FCB in A1 level 2
And in August, carps are starting to install the FCB subfloor on the second level of A1 (JM).

Remember, at this time the plans were still to finish the galley and at least the level 2 berthing in time for the 2002 winter.

Photo credits...winterovers Stephen Hudson (SH), Dana Hrubes (DH), and Jerry Macala (JM).

Meanwhile...there was also a bunch of work being done installing water and sewer piping in the ice tunnels...

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