2001 Winter Photos - Ice Tunnel Piping

A few photos of the winter crew at work completing the last few sections of water (top) and sewer (bottom) piping in the ice tunnels...which had been created in the 1999-2000 and 2000-01 summer seasons.
carry carrying one of the pipe sections
Carrying one of the lengths of preinsulated pipe...
installation of a pipe section in the rack
...and putting it into place.
installation continued
Another view of the tunnel work...
adjusting the sewer pipe
...adjusting the sewer pipe.
finished pipe sections awaiting electrical tracing and insulation of the joints

Some of the completed pipe sections awaiting electrical tracing and insulation of the joints...
Hero shot of some of the piping installation crew
...and of course the inevitable hero shot.
Dave Benson took the first two photos above, furnished some of the others, and provided the gory details.
Photos 3-6 are by Dana Hrubes. Dave can be seen in the center of the hero shot, with John Colwell at right.

Below...my 2005 photo of the plaque they left behind at the end of the tunnel:
plaque identifying the 'tunnel dawgs'

Let's see...we have John Colwell, David Benson, Kurt Sarkiaho, Margo Fernandez, Rob Leeth, and Doug McNeil...

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