2000-01 Photos - Elevated Station

pad for the elevated station
Above...the starting point for the elevated station. This aerial view shows the completed snow pad
near the end of the 1999-2000 summer season, as well as the bottom section of the stair tower. The
power plant was still under construction as well (CW).
the building pad at the beginning of the 2000-01 season
Here's a ground level view of the compacted snow pad at the beginning of the 2000-01 season (CW).
preparing the spread footings
Getting started on the timber spread footings...and the rest of the beer can (JM).
first truss erection
On 21 November, the first saddle truss for A2 was erected. These are too large to ship by air in one piece, so they must be assembled on the ground. Earlier, the first of the columns you see here were stood on 16 November (JM).
the first truss lift
Here's another view from a different angle (KJ).
two trusses in the air
24 November, here's another truss in the air and more columns (DH).
the view from downwind
Looking from the downwind side...some of the columns for A1 are positioned on the snow (PR).
A2 windward truss erection behind the power plant
A bit later, here's the first part of the windward truss, seen behind the new power plant which is also being worked on, and behind the erected A1 columns (CG).
more A2 truss work
From the front side of the station, here's another of those first level windward trusses (JM).
A1 support trusses
Next, the trusses on top of the A1 columns (CW).
beer can and upper level A1/A2 work
Another downwind view, and the beer can is almost to full height (PR).
upper level floor trusses
The next step...columns and level 2 floor trusses (CW).
more steel and siding panels
More A2 steel, and the first siding panels (CW).
end on view from near the skiway
An end-on view from near the skiway (SS)...
the view from BIF
...and a view from the top of BIF (with a long lens) (SS).
Keep going, there was a lot more to do before the end of the summer (photo credits are on the next page).

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