Winterovers from the United Kingdom

With some help, I now come up with fourteen blokes...which includes 2 with dual NZ/British citizenship-- Kevin DuPuy and Paul Smith. Kevin has since returned to the UK, but Paul is a resident of New Zealand. Note that Paul Smith is the only person on this list with 2 winters...

I still suspect that there may have been one or two more, especially for SPASE, which originally had extensive British involvement.

  Veitch-Michaelis Joshua   IceCube              U. of Wisconsin 2021
  Williamson       Ross     SPT                  U. of Chicago   2009
  Smith            Paul     Plumber/UT           RPSC    FEMC    2008, 2007
  Padin            Stephen  SPT                  U. of Chicago   2007
  DuPuy            Kevin    sheetmetal worker    RPSC    FEMC    2004
  Balm             Simon    AST/RO               SAO*            1996
  Hart             Simon    AMANDA               U. of Wisconsin 1996
  Jones            Andrew   astrophysics         NOAO**          1995
  Coulthard        Andy     SPASE                Leeds/Wisconsin 1993
  Surrey           Peter    SPASE                Leeds/Wisconsin 1992
  Chan             John K   SPASE                U. of Leeds     1991
  Finnemore        Michael  SPASE                U. of Delaware  1990
  Walker           Alistair SPASE                U. of Delaware  1989
  Smith            Nigel    SPASE                U. of Delaware  1988

*(Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
**(National Optical Astronomy Observatory)

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