South Pole Winter 2021

The midwinter dinner celebration this year was on Thursday 18 June!
wax sealed invitation
Individual invitations included a secret password...
sealed invitation
...which was enclosed in a wax-sealed envelope that included an individual coin.
the menu
The amazing menu! I'll spare you photos of the 10 courses!
the table before dinner
The table before dinner. These 4 photos are from Sheryl Seagraves.
the dinner in progress
The meal in progress. Winter site manager Ryan Betters is at the head of the table. Photo from Martin Wolf.
the 2021 kitchen team
The kitchen crew responsible for the midwinter feast...from left: Brian Tamm, Lisa Minelli-Endlich, and Mark Mican. Photo from Lisa.
the seven woman winterovers
Also worth sharing, this photo of the seven women who are wintering
in 2021. Standing from left: Katharine Smith, Lisa Minelli-Endlich,
Alexandra Rahlain, Danielle Simmons. Seated: Antoinette Traub, Alyssa
Whoaa, Sheryl Seagraves. Photo from Martin Wolf.

the 2021 midwinter greeting
The 2021 Midwinters Day greeting card photo featuring the midwinter dinner crowd! The photo could
serve as the greeting card sent to the other Antarctic stations as the dinner was held on Friday 18 June.
the greeting card photo
Here is a closer look at the greeting card photo which was taken by Matt Young.