South Pole Centennial Events

reception in the gym
After the outdoor events, there was a reception in the preparations for that are underway (KK)
dinner in the large conference room
Following the formal reception there was a seated dinner for the PM and other DV's in the large conference room (KK).
The dinner menu

Here's the amazing menu (KK)!
the canvas mural on the wall
And here is a closeup of the canvas mural on the back wall, this was created specially for this dinner by graphic designer/artist (and Pole dining assistant) Sydney Clewe (KK).
an early morning gathering at Amundsen's arrival time
On the morning of the 15th, there was a smaller gathering at about 0430...which was by some estimates the exact time that Amundsen had arrived 100 years previously. You'll note that the visibility had deteriorated significantly.
BÝrge Ousland presiding over the ceremony
Here's BÝrge Ousland presiding over the ceremony.
another view of the early morning ceremony
Another view of the ceremony...did I mention that the visibility was lousy? (ZS)

The DV's departed on an LC-130 later on the 15th...although due to the poor visibility it required 3 attempts before it was able to land.

Below...a postscript:

the NGO campground
A closeup look at the tourist camp. At right...the schedule board in the galley tent. The camp operated on Chilean DST, 16 hours behind SP time (ZS).
the schedule board in the camp galley

Credits...the photos marked KK are from Kiell Kosberg, others (ZS) are from Zondra Skertich.

Next: 17 January 2012...Scott's arrival at Pole was also commemorated.

As an's more than you ever wanted to know about that iconic photo of Amundsen's crew looking at that tent at Pole.