South Pole Winter 2003

in plane sight


The above photo was mounted in a sealed frame that had to be scanned
through the is what the actual frame layout looks like...


Below...the midwinter greeting card:

chosen frozen
All but 9 of the w/o's showed up for the inside-the-dome photo session. Here
is the REAL BIG version, with thanks to Joy Culbertson and Karina Leppick.

David Anderson
Lynn Arnold
James Bacon
Tommy Barker
Mark Baron
Matthew Bishop
James (Tony) Black
Tracy Blair
Johan Booth
Patrick Boozer
Jon Brack
Phillip Broughton
Allan Day
Dennis Calhoun
Paolo Calisse
Catherine Childers
Shayne Clausson
Joy Culbertson
Monique Gerbex
Jake Speed
William Henriksen
Katherine Hess
Michael Holstine
Craig Hook
Barry Horbal
Patrick Hovey
Gary Knittel
Daniel Kray
Bradley Kuehn
Andrew Lenz
Karina Leppik
Heidi Lim
Loreen Lock
Andrew (Fluffy) Logan
Erik Lund
Kathleen (Moe) Madding
Chris Martin (SSL)
Janice Martin
Jon Martin
Barry McCue
Frederick McDougall
Brian McGill
Ted McKinley
Jason Medley
Jed (Killer) Miller
Mattson Miller
Steffen Richter
Larry Rickard
Suzanne Same
Robert Schwarz
Robert Shaw
Lacy Shelby
Will Silva
Miles Smith
Paul Smulow
Chuck Soday
Adam Swanson
Brian Vasel

The winterover picture at the top of this page was scanned from the original at Pole, October 2005
(larger file size, 434k) (larger formats available)