Heading South

No littering, $50 fine

Sorry :) I created this sign for fun back in 1998, and used it as part of our publicity for the first 1977 Pole Souls reunion in 2000. It was based on the fact that during the 1980's when NSF was trying to figure out the best way to get construction materials to Pole for the next station, they studied traverses from McMurdo as well as from inland blue-ice runway sites (where wheeled aircraft like C-5's and C-141's could land safely). That never proved practical, and the new station was supplied using ski-equipped LC-130's just like always. So this sign will never happen. Or so I thought. Surely there can not be any other name for the traverse route than Highway 90 South!

There is a free online program which allows you to make any freeway or state route highway signs you want. I found it fun to play with, it is here.