Midwinter days

Pain medicine Shortly before Midwinters Day Denis broke his leg while playing basketball in the gym. The rest of us had to take over some or all of the cooking for awhile until things started to heal. Here we are visiting him in Biomed shortly after Dr. Fritz put the cast on. He obviously is suffering very much from the effects of his pain medicine! That's me in the brown/yellow shirt at left next to Gary.

fish eggs
Midwinters day we had an international dinner featuring some Russian cuisine. Here we are with borscht and caviar....Alex's birthday may also have been involved with this celebration.

We want more fish eggs!

At left is a view from the head end of the table. Yes, that is me in the right foreground. Someone must have just told a REALLY good one!

wodka At right, Alex and Al drink a toast to international friendship and cooperation, while Jerry has a bit more caviar...

Alex brought some of the menu items with him from Russia. The vodka was the same Stolichnaya "import" that we had on the bar, but the Russian bottles had a pull-off top that was not reusable. The assumption was that if you opened a bottle of vodka it would be finished in the same sitting, so there was no need to put the top back on...such a marketing deal!

peanut farmer?Midwinters Day is a traditional time for folks around the Antarctic and around the world to send greetings to the various stations. At right is our official message from the White House.

And here is what we sent out to the rest of the world!!!thanks BillyAce

wish you were here After dinner, the fun and games
moved upstairs...to the costume
party. Here we are clowning

YO! Tadashi!

The station manager (yours truly, left) and the
SSL (Tadashi Yogi) in costume(!). Hmmm...

KGB man Alex

A bit later we got raided by the KGB

Mrs. G shows up for the evening
Jerry takes a break from the action

guarding the store
A couple of weeks later we celebrated Independence
Day. Somehow the evening turned into the Dome Wars...

low auroras in the dome

What would the Fourth of July be without some pyrotechnics...well, smoke bombs, firecrackers, flare guns and a fire extinguisher or two...

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