hamming it up

(here's what the back of these looked like)

any geeks here?Our five amateur radio operators: Dave, Fritz, Jerry, Lloyd and Alex, here in the main part of comms. The ham shack got a lot of activity all year, not only for phone patches but also for making contacts with other amateurs all over the world in English and Russian!

earth-shaking news?

Jim Fletcher in the ham shack doing a phone patch. In 1977 the winterovers at Siple and Palmer already had the capability to make telephone calls via the ATS-3 satellite, but for us the ham radio was the only way to talk to the family and friends back home.

for a good time dial 000
Dave Thelander gets on the horn...

...hello Pete Harding

Here's my turn for a patch. Or perhaps I'm talking to Siple Station, where 5 men were wintering over in the deeply buried old station. By this time of the year they'd run out of cigarettes! We used these radios to communicate with folks at many of the other Antarctic stations.

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