Andrew Burl Moulder--Life at the Pole

outside his office

Fire Fighter's Outfit

Moulder was on the fire team at Pole--he also had been a firefighter during his earlier tour in Japan.

Here's the radio room...

Daddy in radio room

And here's Moulder in the radio room...

twin towers

A couple of folks climbing
the ionospheric antenna

Crew at the Pole

Some of the crew celebrating at the geographic South Pole...

leaving on a C-130
Summer folks
heading north

This is one of the small cats we use

One of the first forklifts at Pole was this 955H. I don't know if they used it to directly offload from the LC-130's...

fuel ops with Henry Storm
Fuel operations with Henry Storm.
Some things haven't changed...


Ice in the tunnel

(Navy cruisebook photo
In the galley...ET2 McLawhorn (left),
Andrew Moulder, and cook Bobby
Davis prepare "clover leaf biscuits

dad and Don

Moulder relaxing in Club 90.

Madeira, South Pole Mascot

Moulder's daughter again: How do you like the Husky picture, we heard a lot about her and I know if Dad could have he would have brought her home with him. But she is with him in heaven having a good ole time."

[Madeira was a Malamute, born at Scott Base...she arrived at Pole before her eyes were open...]

In recognition of Andrew Burl Moulder, a mountain was named for him. Moulder Peak is in the Ellsworth Mountains 685 miles grid west of Pole. The USGS recently sent this photo and map segment to Moulder's family.

Liberty Hills map segmentMoulder PeakFeature Name: Moulder Peak
Feature Type: summit
Latitude: 8005S
Longitude: 08302W
Description: A sharp peak 3 mi SE of Mount Rosenthal in the Liberty Hills, Heritage Range. Named by US-ACAN for storekeeper Andrew B. Moulder, USN, who was fatally injured in a cargo unloading accident at South Pole Station, Feb. 13, 1966.

Below, the dedication page from the Navy 1966 cruisebook:
Our Lady
(the photograph is the Our Lady of the Snows memorial on Hut Point, McMurdo)

Below, a couple of cachets from that year, from an envelope sent to Moulder's wife:
Envelope sent to Moulder's wife