The Second (of many) Power Plants

The striped flagpole on top of the garage roof
Above, we are looking southwest from the garage roof. To the right of the striped pole is the roof and exhaust stack of the new power plant. The driveway entrance to the left. This photo was shared by the Port Hueneme Seabee Museum.

looking down the garage ramp
This is Fred Mayeda's photo of himself at the top of the garage ramp, we're looking north, the power plant is at left. This photo may have been taken at the end of the 1959 winter given the amount of snow on the roof.
the third main generator
Here's what one of the 60kw generators looked like... although this is actually a photo of the third such unit which installed in 1960-61...and not in the power plant but in the head...with the fan reversed to help heat the place (photo and info from 1961 OIC PK Swartz).