Byrd-Pole Traverse 1960-61

what me worry

This is how 2 orange D-8's made it to Pole (one was destroyed in the October 1964 fire and replaced with the black one). This traverse consisted of two D-8's with sleds, 1 weasel, and a total of 11 men including leader Army Major Antero Havola. The tank on the front of this D-8 carries extra fuel for the traverse, hence this was known as a "bow tanker." Since it didn't have a lot of usefulness without a blade, one was ordered, and eventually this machine was parked next to the garage. In 1963-64 the folks wondered why they received a D-8 blade in the resupply since their only D-8 already had a blade. Then the mechanic noticed that he'd been tripping over something next to the garage, it was the top of this beast. The blade was installed, and it was reworked during the 1964 winter, only to be destroyed in the garage fire.

coming in
Another photo of the traverse arriving, MAJ Havola is sitting atop the wanigan... This was the first US surface traverse to reach Pole.
sign of the time
Here's the team in front of their traverse equipment (photos courtesy PK Swartz).