Argentina's flight to Pole

flight of fancy

This plaque was presented to document the Argentine Navy flights of two DC-3's which landed at Pole on 6 January 1962. This venture is written up in the section "Long Flights, Lonely Men" by David Burke in his book Moments of Terror:

With two DC-3 Naval transports, Argentina joined the elite of those few nations, which have landed aircraft at the South Pole. Taking off from Ellsworth (an IGY base on the Filchner Ice Shelf which the United States transferred to Argentine occupation) they reached the Pole on 6 January 1962. During the eight-hour stay, the flight commander, Captain Ouijada, presented the American base leader with a plaque honoring the memory of Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott. Thirteen men made the Pole flight.

This flight served to transport 4 USARP scientists from Ellsworth to Pole. The Argentines were given fuel and JATO.]