South Pole Winter 1960

the 1960 winterovers

Above, a composite winterover photo acquired from the 1959-60 winter Operation
Deep Freeze cruisebook. For the moment this is a scan from a Google Books archive...
Here is a larger version (760k) although please note that the image source is poor, and it is
hard to edit composites such as this with photos taken under different lighting conditions.

Below, the list of names with actual spellings...some of the photo captions are incorrect.

The Navy:
               LT Clarence C. Dumais, MC (OIC/physician)
               CS1 Ted J. Miller (Cook)
               UT1 Charles S. Bell (Utilities man)
               RM1 Bryan W. Wilcox (Radioman)
               RM2 E. C. Allison (Radioman)
               CE1 Joseph A. Blake (Electrician)
               EOH2 W. H. Sheldon (Equipment operator)
               BUR2 Frank T. Dodd (Builder)
               ET1 W. D. O'Quinn (ET)
               CM1 Bryant A. Lekander (Mechanic)

The civilians:
  Meteorology: Edwin C. Flowers (MIC, SSL)    U. S. Weather Bureau
               John H. Maloney Jr. (ET)       U. S. Weather Bureau
               Harry F. Thomas (Phys)         U. S. Weather Bureau
               Arthur J. Anderson (Met Tech)  U. S. Weather Bureau
               Charles G. Haas (Met Tech)     U. S. Weather Bureau
               J. Allan Wallace (Met Tech)    U. S. Weather Bureau
  Aurora:      Henry M. Morozumi              Arctic Institute of North America/
                                              Air Force Cambridge Research Center
  Ionosphere:  Oliver C. Morse III            National Bureau of Standards
  Geomag:      Mike L. Goodwin                U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey

The list is thanks to the late Edwin Flowers...
additional information is from the Antarctic Report,, NSF, 1960