South Pole Winter 1958

the second team
D. M. Baulch, meteorology
James B. Burnham, ionosphere
Paul C. Dalyrimple, micrometeorology
John A. Dawson, aurora and airglow
Stephen F. Fazekas, meteorology
M. B. Giovinetto, glaciology
Charles R. Greene, Jr., ionosphere
Kirby J. Hanson, meteorology
Arther E. Jorgenson, meteorology
Palle Mogensen, scientific leader

Louis B. de Wit, CSC, cook
Gerald R. Du Bois, CMC, mechanic
Stanley C. Greenwood, Jr., RMC, radioman
John D. Hasty, RM1, radioman
Vernon N. Houk, LT, MC medical officer, Navy support leader
Ronald E. Mozetic, ET1, electronics
Donald Norman, CE1, electrician
Edward L. White, UT1, utilities man

Data from 90 South by Paul Siple, © 1959 by
Paul Siple; published by G. P. Putnam's Sons,
New York

Photo from the DF-III w/o cruisebook (U. S. Navy)