The Crary lab under construction

structural steel for the Crary Lab
One of several of my photos of what was then known as the new science facility, taken in November 1989.

Here are a couple more:

structure of the McM science building
Framing for the new McM science building.
structure of the new science lab
Another view.
Below, several photos from the previous 1988-89 season from Craig Johnson:
Crary Lab framing in 1988-89
Framing for the first two pods. The MMI (left) and the Chalet can be seen behind the framing.
Crary Lab framing
A view of the phase one pod.
framing of the first pod of the Crary Lab
Looking uphill at the framing of the first pod.
Crary Lab framing
Another look at the framing of the first two pods. Between them and behind the construction shacks is the EBL which would be replaced by the Crary Lab and torn down.

The Crary Lab was dedicated on 5 November 1991.

So how did it turn out? Here's the USAP page with floor plans!