South Pole Winter 1985

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(the above photo was scanned at Pole, the one below is from Pete Furtado)

1985 Winter Crew

Courtesy Pete Furtado:

"This is our official 1984-1985 South Pole Station Winter Over Crew photograph. Front, L-R: Scott Lawson (USGS), Nancy Sachs(MD), Cyril Lance (Science), Laura Kay (Science), Vinnie Cascio (Met Tech), Tom Brace (Heavy Equip Mechanic), Mark Miller (Meteorologist).

Rear, L-R: Ed Duplak (Station Manager), Eric Seifka (Communications Coordinator), James Waddell LTJG (NOAA Corps Leader), Bill Anderson (Power Plant Mechanic), Steve Morris (Station Science Leader), Buel "Rusty" Gore (USGS), Robert Stern (Cook), Tom Smith (Communications Tech), Pete Furtado (Senior Materialsperson), Tim Vogler (Electrician), Bill Coughran (General Maintenance Mechanic/Plumber).

Missing: Mark Mihalic (NOAA Electronics Tech).

"Thanks to Bill Spindler's web site for helping me remember everybody's names!"

[here's the original list of names, with thanks to James Waddell]

South Pole Winter 1985

Bill Anderson, power plant mechanic, ITT/ANS
Tom Brace, heavy equipment mechanic, ITT/ANS
Vince Cascio, comms, ITT/ANS
Bill Coughran, general maintenance mechanic, ITT/ANS
Ed Duplak, station manager, ITT/ANS
Peter Furtado, supply, ITT/ANS
Rusty Grout, seismology/sattrack, USGS
Laura Kay, astronomy, Lick Observatory
Cyril Lance, science
Scott Lawson, seismology/sattrack, USGS
Mark Mihalic, NOAA electronics technician
Marc Miller, meteorology
Steven Morris, seismology, UCLA
Nancy Sachs, physician, ITT/ANS
Eric Siefka, comms, ITT/ANS
Tom Smith, comms, ITT/ANS
Robert Stern, cook, ITT/ANS
Tim Vogler, electrician, ITT/ANS
James Waddell, NOAA station chief

The top photo was scanned from the original at Pole, September 2005
(larger file size, 406k) (larger formats available)
1985 winterover patch
Above, the 1985 winterover patch, with everyone's initials around the border!
(patch photo courtesy Jim Mathews)