The 2024 Pole Marker

The 2024 Pole marker
A view of the Pole marker unveiled on 1 January 2024...this photo from creator Cal Neske (source of all photos unless noted otherwise) was taken in his room during the 2023 winter. Astute observers will note that the sleeve naming the 2023 winterovers was NOT part of the marker unveiled at the Geographic Pole. The marker was designed by Swiss IceCube winterover Marc Jacquart.
Marker at the Pole
Geographic South Pole

Two views of the marker at the Geographic Pole showing both sides...the left photo is from Danny Hampton and the right photo is from South Pole Telescope grantee Jason Major. Note that the horizontal ring depicts distances to McMurdo and Palmer.

More about the marker design below, but first...a few photos of the traditional unveiling ceremony.

unveiling of the new marker
The New Years Day unveiling happened...this was being done by Tim Backus, the only 2023 winterover still on site...and the new full-timer construction/maintenance manager!.
the new marker
...And the marker is revealed! These 2 photos from Sheryl Seagraves.

Spiritus team at Pole
Further documentation...this hero shot from Brits Alan Chambers and Dave Thomas who reached Pole on their NGO "Mission Spiritus" venture (from their Instagram).

the marker bae
A few fabrication's the compass base.
crossing the Antarctic circle
Etching the 1773 quote from Captain Cook.
top semicircle of the marker
The top semicircle arc of the marker.

marker design sketch
sleeve dimensions
Above, a couple of Cal's working design sketches.

the names of the winterovers
Cal fabricated marker pieces which listed the 2023 winterovers (right) as well as the 2022 winterovers...NSF does not permit the winterover names to be displayed on the current Pole marker, but these pieces can be added when the markers are placed in the glass case. The 2023 piece can be seen in the photo at the top of this page, and in this photo you can see that it is appropriately labeled on top.

a winterover ring
He also created rings and ring cases for all of the winterovers on which he engraved winterover numbers...he also created one for me depicted here! He brought all of the ring material with him so as not to use any USAP material.
pieces and parts
Some of the marker pieces and parts, not all of which were used....