The 2022 Pole Marker

the Pole marker unveiled 1 January 2022
TADA! The Pole marker that was unveiled on New Years Day 2022! These first 4
photos are by Andrea Dixon and are in the USAP photo library (link to original).
a closer look
Another view, walking around (link to original).
top view of the marker
The last view showing the Sun at midwinter (link to original).

the marker with its shaftAt left, a photo showing the marker shaft (link to original). So what are we looking at? The main feature of the center of the marker is an image of the True South flag of Antarctica that was recognized by the Antarctic Treaty system (although not universally adopted by all Treaty nations). The flag was designed by teacher and journalist Evan Townsend when he was wintering at McMurdo in 2018 winter as a steward--this was his second season (Wikipedia link about Evan and the flag).

The hash marks between the numbers 1957 and 2021 represent the size of the winterover groups for each year, while the dots and dashes around the bottom half of the marker are Morse code for a a great quote by some guy you may have heard of named Roald Amundsen, "Adventure is just bad planning." Per Brandon, the 12 pockets around the cone part and the bottom represent the 12 original Treaty signatories.

The marker was designed by 2021 BICEP Array winterover Brandon Amat during the winter, and after the design and story of the flag was approved by NSF, it was fabricated by SPT machinist David Pernic...not to be unveiled to the rest of the world until New Years Day. The dark blue piece (which looks black in the photos) is aluminum that was anodized on site in the B2 science lab...a first in terms of the Pole Marker fabrication process, and perhaps the first for anything at Pole.

crowd waiting for the Pole marker ceremony
The assembled Polies on New Years Day waiting for the marker
ceremony. These 3 outdoor photos are by Karsten Look.
awaiting the unveiling
Just before the unveiling. From left: Andrea Dixon, Dave Pernic, and Brandon Amat.

the 2 creators of the Pole marker
Above, the 2 creators of the Pole marker--machinist Dave Pernic who fabricated it, and Brandon
Amat who designed it. Note the themed Antarctic flag to the left of the sign.

Brian Tamm holding the marker

Here is 2021 winterover Brian Matthew Tamm showing off the Brandon Amat's marker during the winter after it was fabricated. This photo as well as the next two are from Brian.
etched winterover names

The etched names of the winterovers inside of the marker.
Brian Tamm's signature

At right, a closeup view
of Brian Tamm's signature.