The 2016 Pole Marker

Pole marker unveiled 1 January 2016
Yet another awesome Pole marker with moving is what was unveiled on 1 January 2016 (SA)
the other side of the marker

Here is the other side of the marker (SA). These two photos were taken in the galley when the marker was revealed to the winterovers, but not shared publicly until after the real unveiling (SA).
the creative sketch for the marker
The marker was both designed and created by machinist Anton Brown, here is one of his working sketches. Note the different metals which were used (SA).
passing the flag
And now...the New Years Day ceremony, beginning with the passing of the American flag from the old to the new Pole location (SS).
WSM Craig Knott unveils the marker
Winter site manager Craig Knott unveils the marker, as the Polies look on (SS).
The 2016 marker revealed, Bill Coughran at top right
And the marker is revealed (SS).
A toast to the new year
A toast to the new year, and the new marker (SS)!
engraved winterover names
more winterover names

Above, two views of the winterover names engraved on the equatorial ring, etched by Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin (SA).

Anton crafting the marker
Here is Anton Brown working on the marker (SA).
Anton with the marker

Another view of Anton in the MAPO machine shop with the marker (SA).
Anton Brown and Kristi  Gravitt
Above, a photo of Anton with Kristi Gravitt at a station social event early in the winter (SA).
Sadly, Anton passed away in his native Australia on 6 September 2016 (the brief obituary).

2016 marker in front of the sign
The marker, gleaming in the bright New Years Day sun (DL).

With thanks for the photos from 2015 winterover physician Steve Allerding (SA), summer comms coordinator Sheryl Seagraves (SS), and 2016 winterover UT Darren Lukkari! Darren's photo is from the Antarctic Photo Library.