The 2012 Pole Marker

give it a spin

1 January 2012...and yet another awesome South Pole marker is unveiled! First, I'll let the pictures of this amazing creation speak for themselves! (NSF)

these guys were first
This marker was two-sided! Here's the Amundsen side...(KH)
these guys never made it out alive
...and this is the Scott side. (KH)
The abbreviation 'LGN' or 'let's get nuts' was originated on these markers by Polie O&M coordinater Mike Patterson. Some of you may remember that a certain body of water was named for him.
Looking down from the top of the marker. (NSF)
the whole thing
Here's a view of the entire marker looking north...notice what is scribed on the base--the NAMES of the 2011 winterovers! (KH)
he was first
I like these's the Amundsen image with his diary quote in the background. (NSF)
remember Art Brown's quote
And here is the Scott image with his quote. (NSF)

Yes, there was a ceremony on 1 January to unveil the new marker...

This is a drill. This is only a drill.
First, here's 2012 winter site manager Katie Hess drilling a hole for the new marker.(CA)
under the red blanket

There were several brief speeches before the unveiling. Here, at left is Pole area manager Bill Coughran, at right is NSF representative Vladimir Papitashvili (DD).
a small crowd
And here's the crowd that witnessed the ceremony. (DKR)
Polie group
Another view of the crowd...and the lousy weather. (CA)
somebody had to do it Here's the creator of the marker, 2011 winterover machinist Steele Diggles...presenting it at the sunrise dinner in September. An interesting comment I must mention...a Polie blogger from the 2011-12 summer season said that these markers used to be fabricated at Pole, but the latest ones were so ornate and complex that he couldn't imagine them being machined at Pole. But we know better. Let's hear it for Steele the Aussie! (RS)

Credits...the photos marked NSF were provided by Jerry Marty...others came from Carla Appel (CA), Dave and Kacey Renfroe (DKR), Katie Hess (KH) from the Antarctic Photo Library, and Robert Schwarz (RS).