South Pole Winter 2011

do you think that Roald is fat in the picture?

1 October...the first nice day after a blowing snow...and the gray sky provided an interesting backdrop for this winterover picture. The right half was taken in front of the Scott tent which is traditionally erected at the geographic Pole...some years folks sleep in the tent (I never did!). The left half was taken...about 100 years ago. Thank you Robert Schwarz for putting this amazing creation together! In case you were wondering about the other flag visible behind is the flag of the Dominican Republic. That flag is being held by Ricardo Lopez, the first person from that nation to winter in 2010. 2011 was his second winter. Also thanks to Marco Tortonese!

Below...a larger version of the 2011 group photo:

the black and white truth

And a larger image (1.5mb)... June folks gathered for...

chilly night
...the official 2011 midwinter greeting photo! (larger version)

100 years

And this is the fantastic 18 June dinner menu!

Sticky Toffee Pudding!

President Barack Obama sent his greetings along as well!

(w/o photo credited to Weeks Heist...Ben Burke created the greeting photo presentation...Pat McGuire did the menu water-coloring...Tom Olijnyk put the text and graphics together...and winter site manager Renée-Nicole Douceur sent it to the rest of the world)