South Pole Winter 2009

a few wankers around

Above, the official 2009 winterover picture...after several tries in various places around station, this is how it ended up. A great color picture surrounded by individual small black-and-white photos, a very successful creation by Patrick Cullis, who has much more excellent photography here. Here is the unshrunk version (1.8mb). Below, the Midwinters Day photographs:

what's that strange structure in the background?

Here's the 2009 midwinter photo and invitation (the PDF version). The photo was taken behind the dome, which would disappear in the 2009-10 summer season. The original photo was taken by NOAA guy Cully (Patrick) appears below.

hiding out behind the dome

Who are these Polies? Well...
Todd Adams
Dave Barud
Keith Berry
Laurie Brekke
Boyd Brown
Cully (Patrick) Cullis
Ella Derbyshire
Steele Diggles
Robert Dragonfly
Genevieve Ellison
George Fantasia
Robert Fuhrmann
Michele Gentile
Sean Gordon
Ernest Gray
Nathan Greenland
Jude Gregan
Logan Grover
Weeks Heist
Damien Henning
Jeremy Johnson
Warren Menough
Jonathon Miller
Monty Myrtle
Camille Parisel
Lee (Laura) Parker
Keith Reimink
Joe Romagnano
Lance Roth
Jack Sharp
Francis Sheil
Erik Shirokoff
Krissie Shiroma
Joseph Smith
Bill Stiner
Brian Vanden Bosch
Erik Verhagen
Emily Wampler
Marc Weekley
Tripp Whalen
Erin Wilkinson
Ross Williamson
Darren Yates

Did someone mention dinner? Here's the menu...

it's what's for dinner