South Pole Winter 2002


out back
Hi Becky!

Here's what the framed original of the above photo looks like:

squared up

Below, my HTML version of the Midwinters Day greeting card:

a good spot for pictures
Winter-Over Team 2002

       Matthew Andreassen
Patrick Bailey
Tom Barale
Tommy Barker
Jonathan Berry
Matthew Bishop
Kevin Bjella
Daren Blythe
Vincent Bollinger
Yubecca Bragg
Denise DaSilva
Robert Dunn
Dar Gibson
Katrin Hafner
Eric Hansen
Slay Harwell
Donald Highsmith

Michael Jayred
Sean Kelly
Matthias Leuthold
Daniel Lindberg
Loreen Lock
Graham Love
Henry Malmgren
Andres Martinez
April Martinez
Jason Medley
Karl Mueller
Matthew Newcomb
Roger Perry
Timothy Pollard
George Prehn
Dale Randolph
Katherine Rawlins

John Richard
Amos Romero
Curtis Rouse
Eric Sandberg
Donald Soday
Judith Spanberger
Danielli Spears
Jake Speed
Rebecca Stieb
Nancy Swearengin
David Tashner
Anne Udry
Brian Vasel
Wilfred Walsh
Michael Whitehead
Deborah Williams
Kecheng Xiao

The photo at the top of the page was scanned from the original at Pole, October 2005 (larger file, 481k). The greeting card (larger photo file, 335k) is courtesy Henry Malmgren and Katrin Hafner...and it looks like Jon Berry was involved too. Thanks! Larger format photos are available.