South Pole Winter 2000

2000 winterovers

list of names

The midwinters day greeting card:

2000 greeting card

Another version of the photo:

a cold day

Back row: Dale Randolph, Brian Ellspermann, Ashraf El-Dakrouri, Jeff Ryan, Jay Ford , Chris Rock, Travis Wheeler, Joseph (Jake Speed) Gibbons, Greg Griffin, Andy Clarke, Scott Hulse, Dave McDonald.

2nd Row: Marc Staker, Robert Thompson, Bobby Dunn, Cheryl Humme, Lis Fano, Susan Sawtelle, John Yamasaki, Lisa Berry, Joe Crane, Noel Koppisch, Don Neff, Darryn Schneider.

Third Row: Tommy Barker, Dave Smith, Jenny Fox, Matt Kelley, Paul Young, Mike Davis, Mike Gomez, Darin Bell, Dave Pernic, Daren Blythe, Winfield Taylor, Sonja Wolter.

Front Row: Jenni Hassman, Jason Holmes, Dave Zybowski, Mike Boyce, Kelly Kaletsky, Carroll Land, John Richard, Kristi Moore, Joe Speidel, Bill Henriksen, Gene Davidson.

Not pictured: Rodney Marks, Robert Carlson, Wes Schuchman.

The above photos were taken on 21 September, as the temperature hovered at -100F. Lots of cold fingers and cameras! The top photo was scanned from the original at Pole, October 2005 (larger file, 424k) (larger formats available). This was the film version of the photo. Unfortunately the brass caption plate in the frame wouldn't scan or photograph well. The lower digital photo was taken by Greg Griffin. Other items on this page are thanks to Gene Davidson, Darryn Schneider, and Robert Thompson...

South Pole Winter 2000

  Tommy Barker
Darin Bell
Lisa Berry
Daren Blythe
Mike Boyce
Gumby (Robert) Carlson
Andy Clarke
Joe Crane
Gene Davidson
Mike Davis
Bobby Dunn
Ashraf Ahmed El-Dakrouri
Brian Ellspermann
Lis Fano
Jay "Scotty" Ford
Jenny Fox
Joe (Jake Speed) Gibbons
Mike Gomez
Greg Griffin
Jenni Hassman
Bill Henriksen
Jason Holmes
Scott Hulse
Cheryl Humme
Kelly Kaletsky
Matt Kelly
Noel Koppisch
Brian Land
Rodney Marks
Dave McDonald
Kristi Moore
Don Neff
Dave Pernic
Dale Randolph
John Richard
Chris Rock
Jeff Ryan
Susan Sawtelle
Darryn Schneider
Wes Schuchman
Dave Smith
Joseph Speidel
Marc Staker
Zach Taylor
Robert Thompson
Travis Wheeler
Sonja Walker
John "Yama" Yamasaki
Paul Young
Dave Zybowski
Heavy equipment mechanic
Sheet metal worker
Inventory control specialist
Aurora science tech
Plumber foreman
NOAA chemist
Power plant mechanic
Cargo (?)
Senior Meteorologist
Carpenter foreman
Network administrator
Maintenance specialist apprentice
Production cook/DA
Title II inspector
System administrator
Winter site manager
Production cook/lead baker
Senior materials person
Electrician apprentice
Work order scheduler
NOAA physicist/SSL
CARA engineer
Equipment/power plant supervisor
Facilities engineer
Waste specialist
Carpenter helper/cargo
CUSP science tech
Materials person
Maintenance specialist helper
Insulator (?)