Total Port Arthur Refinery--Deep Conversion Project (DCP)

Total Port Arthur Refinery DCP Project

This project was a massive three-year $2.2 billion refinery expansion which would allow the refinery to process heavy and sour crude, and to produce cleaner transportation fuels. Fluor was only one of several prime contractors involved--my primary role was piping field engineering in the new delayed coker unit (above, in August 2009, a prefabricated structural steel section is installed on the coker structure). I also had significant involvement in the fabrication (at an offsite contractor facility south of Lake Charles) and installation/weldout of a massive series of piperack modules which surrounded three sides of the coker unit (photo of Mammoet setting one of the modules on its foundations). Another of my many tasks was coordination of the erection of the Foster-Wheeler-fabricated coker heaters. The project was completed in May 2011 (Hydrocarbon Processing article). Here is the Fluor project page.