Drifty Springtime...

piled high and deep
The station on Monday, 17 October after a storm last weekend moved a bit of snow around...
edge on
A closer view showing the drift that has built up in front of the station
power plant
A look toward the "backyard" across the power plant arch
where's the door
The dome...showing how deeply the old station is really buried...just a bit deeper than in 1977!
through the glass
Here's what the dome looks like out my A1-105 bedroom window
where's the dome?
A view of the station (18 October) from the Dark Sector side of the skiway
plane truth
Skiway preparation...it was smooth and ready on time.
where's the science?
The Dark Sector Lab (DSL), soon to be the site of intense construction for the new BICEP (Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalctic Polarization) and 10-meter telescopes.
from the top
Here's a view of the station from the roof of ARO on 5 October...a day with rather poor surface definition.