Wearables Expedition 2001-02 Dispatch Index

Tina Sjogren sending a blog and photos out to the world
Above...Tina Sjogren is uploading photos and updates using custom-built blogging software. I was unable to find a large hero shot of the team at Pole...this photo by Tom Sjogren appears in this June 2013 businessinsider article which includes more photos.

Tina and Tom's original website with dispatches and photos (which were posted on thepoles.com) has disappeared, and the Internet Archive has done a poor job of saving and linking them. I've attempted to recover their dispatches which were originally displayed as frames on their website. Not all of the photos were archived; I've indicated the missing photos with a blank rectangle. Otherwise, my only editing has been to correct a few typographical and spelling errors, add alternate text to the photos per current internet protocol, and add page titles and links.