Construction Schedule

(original 1998 archive)

build it and the beakers will come

Above is a larger view of Frank Brier's summary schedule. Note that "FY" refers to the US government fiscal year which starts on 1 September; thus FY 2002 runs from 1 October 2001 through 30 September 2002.

Below are Frank's individual slides which detail the procurement and construction schedules for each component of the new station. The original 1998 presentations used to be on NSF's web site (as part of the presentation to contract bidders at the time), as was a more recent schedule document which was submitted to Congress as part of the FY 2001 budget proposal. Note that for budgetary purposes the entire project was split into two components, the "South Pole Safety and Environmental Upgrade" (SPSE) which includes the garage, most of the fuel arch work, and the power plant; and the "South Pole Station Modernization" (SPSM), which includes the elevated main station structure and other surface facilities. The vertical yellow line on each slide represents the contract changeover date to Raytheon on 1 April 2000.