The 2022-23 McMurdo Shipping Season


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the causeway rotated into position
0520 on the 28th...the causeway has been rotated/moved into position.
causeway assembly
A bit later in the day, the loose piece seen in the photo at left has been added to the assembly.
finished causeway
By 0830 things are ready for...
positioning things
...a bit more positioning...
moving things out of the way
...and moving a bit of ice out of the way.
Ocean Giant ready to offload
An at midday on the 29th, Ocean Giant had moved to the causeway to begin offload.
ready for offload
1630 on the 29th.
offload underway
Morning of 1 February...things are moving.
1000 on 2 February...the hatches have been open for the vessel rise in the water.
unloading on 3 February
0800 on 3 February...offload continues after an overnight dusting of snow..
unloading continues
1500 4 February...the vessel continues to get lighter. The next vessel Happy Delta is supposed to show up soon.
1400 6 February...all the hatches are now closed.
retrograde being loaded
1900...containers are being stacked on the deck and hatches.
the forward hatch is open
0600 on the 7th...a forward hatch is briefly opened.
hatch closed
1000...the hatch is closed...
more containers loaded containers can be stacked on top of it. (1400)

And Ocean Giant completed its mission and departed on 2/9 per this DVIDS article which details the offload; it arrived back at Lyttelton on the 14th. Next up, the Happy Delta which was to bring material from New Zealand for the rebuilding of Scott Base.

Happy Delta
Here's Happy Delta on the afternoon of the 9th.
Polar Star
0930 on the 11th, Polar Star is back at the pier waiting for Ocean Gladiator.
National Geographic Endurance

The cruise ship National Geographic Endurance stopped by for a day on 13 February...not sure what the passengers did as they could not visit McMurdo Station due to COVID restrictions...but they would have been allowed to visit the Discovery Hut on Hut Point. Interestingly, after leaving Winter Quarters Bay the vessel headed for the Bay of Whales.

The final USAP supply ship Ocean Gladiator was scheduled to show up on 17 February after leaving Lyttelton on the 10th.

Ocean Gladiator
And here it is, around 0800 on the 17th.
docked at the causeway
An hour later, Ocean Gladiator was docked at the pontoon causeway.
Ocean Gladiator in sunlight
A bit after noon, unloading is underway in full sunlight.
offload underway
24 hours later, unloading continues, again in sunlight.
Heritage Adventurer

What's this...another cruise ship! This is the Heritage Adventurer which is doing a return Antarctic cruise out of Bluff. It actually passed by McMurdo briefly twice...this time (around 1800 Saturday 18 February) was for a medevac. A C-17 stayed overnight at McMurdo to pick up the patient.

offload continues
Noon on the 19th...I'm thinking the offload is almost done, and that those containers still on shore will be backloaded.
the scene after sunset
0200 on the 20th...primarily to note that this was the first time the sun has set since late October.
backload is underway
1600 on the 20th. Backload is underway as the stash of containers close to the waterline is diminishing...but there is now another stash of containers away from the waterline at lower right.
all done with backload
0800 on Tuesday the 21st...backloading is obviously done as Ocean Gladiator has moved away from the pontoon pier.

But there's more to come...including a surprise or two! Continue...