New Zealand, November/December 2008

After my 2008 winter at Pole, I spent 3 weeks in NZ...partly at familiar haunts and partly in new places.
Polie fun!
Some of us got together at the Volcano restaurant in Lyttelton. Around the table from the left you have Bette Hess (Katie's mother, who was visiting in NZ),Terry Eddington, Claire Petterson, and Katie Hess. Weeks Heist took this picture, here is one I took that has him in it.
hero shot
A few days later I spent some time in is a hero shot in front of the Admiral Byrd memorial bust that is in a scenic park overlooking the city and the harbor.
I got lazy and posted the rest of my NZ photos in 2 pages on the Kodak photoshare web site...which now has been scarfed up by Shutterfly. Perhaps this link will work for you without any need for logins.