Maine and New Hampshire

Monday afternoon (14 August) I headed north on I-95/US 1 to Port Clyde, Maine, one of those towns on the ends of peninsulas on what they call the midcoast. The destination was the home of Paul Dalrymple, who spent 2 winters in a row on the ice, in 1957 at LAV, and the following year at Pole. More recently he is the editor of the Antarctican Society newsletter. Here is the Marshall Point Lighthouse, which is just down the road from Paul's neat house.

shine on
wood beams
Here's a view of Paul's house that I took as I left...unfortunately I never pulled my camera out while Paul was around..
ocean view
Here's a view of the sea, looking east from the dining room table.
reading matter
Some of the books piled up in the front study. I could have stayed here for weeks reading everything.
banner day
Over the fireplace is this artifact from the second Byrd expedition...the letters stand for "mutual admiration society."

The stay here included an outdoor dinner at a restaurant at the Port Clyde harbor with Bob and Marie Hurtig. I worked with Bob at Pole in the late 1980s when he was the full-time Pole facilities engineer, he'd wintered at Pole as the station manager in 1984, and during the 1989-90 summer he was suddenly hired as the winter station manager at McMurdo in 1990 (which worked out great for me, as he bequeathed me his annex room at Pole for the rest of the summer). Sadly, I don't have any photos of that dinner...the last time I saw Bob, who died a few years ago.

Center of Conway
On Wednesday I headed northwest to Conway, NH where I met up with Al Oxton, who was in the midst of repairing his home.
9000 feet of altitude
We had lunch and did a brief bit of geocaching before I headed back down to Providence, Rhode Island.
The event in Providence was the OAEA (Old Antarctic Explorers Association) are photos.

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