The 2006 AXΣ Gathering in Boston

In August 2006 I took a week off and headed to New England for several events--the first was a gathering of Cornell friends from the old days--the first one of these in quite a while. This one was held at the Broyles place in Newton just outside Boston. I showed up about 1AM Sunday morning after a long flight from Nevada and drive from Providence. Plenty of beer left, videos watched, and other stuff cussed and discussed, but no pictures from that evening. But the next afternoon found us on the back porch enjoying the fine weather.
Daniel (Marian and Steve's son) and Mike Degan.
cool patio
Deb Degan, Al and Myrna Hagedorn.

Paul was here



Okay, so what else were we doing on this lazy Sunday afternoon (besides a barbecue, eating, drinking beer, and similar pastimes)? Well, time to research that great scientific phenomenon--what happens when you drop Mentos candy into 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke????
fizz stuff
As a fan of this beverage, I initially considered this experiment to be a waste of good soda pop...
judging committee
The judging committee--Mike, Marilyn, and Myrna, sits ready to evaluate each test, while Steve prepares the, er, charges. Keep in mind that chemists are present...
counting down
Here's Steve preparing the specially designed Mentos insertion tube (a nickel coin wrapper) while Al starts to open the bottle.
the drop
The insertion...

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