Leadville, Colorado road trip, July 2013

Leadville, Colorado sign
Sign and historical marker north of Leadville, Colorado.

In July 2013 I made a visit to longtime college friend Al Hagedorn, who currently resides a few miles west of Woodland Park on US Route 24 (which is more miles west and uphill from Colorado Springs, not to mention north of Pikes Peak which is sometimes visible from his ranch. After the visit I decided to continue west on 24 and end up in Leadville, one of the historic Colorado mining towns. I stayed in a neat old downtown hotel which originally was one of those places with a bar on the first floor; I visited the mining museum and also took the Leadville, Colorado and Southern Railroad excursion train which went up into some remote country north of town. These photos are from the train trip and my subsequent drive north from Leadville to I-70.

The captions may not be obvious if you look at the collage of massed thumbnails, but click on the first photo to get started.

The Leadville photos.... If you don't see the captions, click on the "i."