2000 Trips

sandy beeches

During the summer I drove down to Grand Isle, at the southern tip of Louisiana, for a job interview with an outfit that operates a port service for oil rig service boats. They were thinking of building a similar facility near Houston. Here's a view of the beach at Grand Isle...not exactly a major resort.

all wet

And some swimmers in the water
with oil rigs in the background.


Here's another look into the Gulf, with the breakwater showing...

towering above Boulder

In October I went back to Boulder for a meeting of the American Polar Society. It was billed as "a scientific meeting by day, and an Antarctic reunion by night" and that is what it was. Unfortunately there was not a lot that I found photogenic (and had my camera handy for). Here is the new humanities building on the University of Colorado campus where the main meeting sessions were held.

baggage handling nightmare?

I was impressed by the new Denver airport, here are a couple of photos of the main hall

under canvas

Another view under the "big top"

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