1104 Eustace Drive

old home week part 2

The house looks quite good. It is currently occupied by three staff members with the electrical subcontractor working on the Nelson power plant; they should be here through next spring.

tv time

The living room.

no varmits

Another view of the living room showing the fireplace.

front room

The front/guest bedroom looking toward the hall.

master bedroom

The back bedroom. The tenants were construction folks who all lived elsewhere, so they didn't have much furniture.

gas heat

The furnace, perpetually on its last legs. Actually it just looks bad, the rust is all 20+ years old from a leaky humidifier. Two of the three tenants were sleeping in the bedrooms, the third was set up in the main basement room.

what's cooking

The kitchen, which now has a new Thermador range top. The residents are heavily into cooking; they weren't home when I visited, but a friend was there to let me in (and watch the food on the stove).


The garage. One of the residents was into these...

back yard

The view across the back yard.

NOT the Rock River

Looking south from the back patio. In other times this would be the familiar view of the Rock River below the bluff.

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