The travels of Al Oxton

...friend from latter Antarctic days...brought him through Kenner in the spring of 2000 on his way from AridZona to his stomping grounds in New Hampshire.

hot stuff

Here he is cooking dinner...

a superior way to travel

Oh yes, THIS is where he was doing the elderly but restored Superior Coach with most all of the comforts of home (well, he did use my shower). Before being involved with the Antarctic program in the late 80's-mid 90's, Al worked for many years at the observatory on Mt. Washington. More recently he worked for the company that was commissioning the Iridium satellites...remember those? They live still. As of March 2001 he was working for a satcom company in Albuquerque, NM, I visited him on my February pass through while moving to California.

heading north

Another view of the bus from the rear--he's out using the pickup that otherwise would be hitched up for towing. This is in the apartment complex parking lot, the levee for Lake Pontchartrain is in the background. Al has solar panels in the roof, a fairly fancy electrical system, GPS etc...

dinner time

Here we are sharing dinner.

bears with him

Al's travelogue and web site is called The Travels of Oso con Migo which means "bear with me." This is the well-travelled bear.

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